FULL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK BY THE HIGH PRIEST - KARLI, starring Damien Ashley (Dagenham), Jennifer K Preston (Hosts, Tribal Get O... A NEW BRITISH THRILLER FROM CLARKE & GERRARD TO BE RELEASED IN 2021. WINNER OF THE 'BEST HORROR FILM IN PRODUCTION' AWARD AT GRIMMFEST. Hellraiser meets Pacific Heights in a chilling new psychological horror movie.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgQnS24cNGs


2019's prophetic limited edition album DREAM AMERICAN by
The High Priest


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The High Priest has refused to be locked into one genre, there is freedom in his ability to float from bluesy rock 'n' roll to hard psychedelia and back, sometimes crossing the borderline into realms of dark pulsating electronica.

American Psycho Basslines wrestle with distorted cruch guitars  and pulsating drums.  The High Priest's  vocals  spin yarns of the bands adventures and the darker side of the human condition, yet the sound offers excitement and hope! 

The  main focus always remains on developing his own musicianship, never resting on his laurels.